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Richness comes out in various dishes! Dashi stock

Product Specifications

Name: Immunity boosting powder set Ingredient name: Shiitake mushroom (Itoshima, Fukuoka) Iriko (domestic) There may be some color unevenness due to natural materials, but there is no problem with quality Iriko Contents: Shiitake powder 50g Kikurage Shiitake mushroom powder 50g Iriko shiitake mushroom powder 50g
Expiration date: Described on the back of the package Storage method: Store in a cool place away from high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight Manufacturer: Itoshima Mushroom Farm Co., Ltd. 1-16-8 Kafuri, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture

3 types of powder

  • Whole powdered shiitake mushrooms grown in Itoshima Shiitake mushrooms are rich in dietary fiber and potassium! It also helps prevent diet and lifestyle-related diseases. It is a versatile seasoning that enhances the taste of rice, miso soup, ramen, dumplings and hamburger steaks on the usual table.

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