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Tsukudani is sweetly boiled down with soy sauce from Itoshima. "Pride of homemade chili oil" made from white onion, ginger and pepper from Itoshima, it is not spicy but spicy.

Product Specifications

Name: Chili oil Kikurage Tsukudani Ingredients: Kikurage / Red pepper Soy sauce Sesame Edible oil Sugar Salt Chili oil (using domestically produced ginger) Seasoning (amino acids, etc.) Sweetener (licorice stevia saccharin Na) Thickener (xanthan) Acidulant Raw material Contains some wheat Contents: 80g
Expiration date: Described on the back of the package Storage method: Store at room temperature avoiding direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity Manufacturer: Itoshima Mushroom Farm Co., Ltd. 1-16-8 Kafuri, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Otsumami (Spicy Kikurage) 100g

  • The place of scenic beauty designated by Fukuoka Prefecture, where plenty of cold and clean water flows underground, is surrounded by the delicious water of Itoshima and the idyllic nature, and it has grown into a high-quality, thick wood ear. It is carefully grown in a safe and secure domestic fungus bed and harvested with a focus on thickness. Please enjoy the taste and texture.

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