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Naturally cultivated in Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture with a domestic fungus bed A variety gift that includes 5 popular types including "Shiitake powder" in return for gifts such as cheerful celebrations, childbirth / marriage celebrations, aspirations and rough memorial services.

Itoshima's sum (Nagomi)

  • 椎茸粉(木耳入り)40g、椎茸粉40g、椎茸粉(いりこ入り)40g、乾燥木耳15g×2、乾燥椎茸20g

  • Gifts, midyear gifts, year-end gifts, New Year's greetings, celebrations, family celebrations, gratitude, gifts, offerings, gifts, souvenirs, souvenirs, face-to-face greetings, marriage, childbirth, memorial service, delivery, adults, admission, cheerfulness, complete recovery, books Restoration, full bardo, gifts, prizes

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