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It's delicious even if you sprinkle it on vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream! !!

Richness comes out in various dishes! Recommended dishes Hamburger curry Okonomiyaki Miso soup Omelet Chawanmushi etc.

Product Specifications

Name: Shiitake powder Raw material name: Shiitake (produced in Itoshima, Fukuoka) There may be some color unevenness due to natural materials, but there is no problem with quality Contents: 50g
Expiration date: Described on the back of the package Storage method: Store in a cool place away from high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight Manufacturer: Itoshima Mushroom Farm Co., Ltd. 1-16-8 Kafuri, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Shiitake Powder 60g

  • Whole powdered shiitake mushrooms grown in Itoshima Shiitake mushrooms are rich in dietary fiber and potassium! It also helps prevent diet and lifestyle-related diseases. It is a versatile seasoning that enhances the taste of rice, miso soup, ramen, dumplings and hamburger steaks on the usual table.

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