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itoshima kinoko farm

Itoshima Kinoko Farm


With the three elements: the sun, the wind and the water in the land of Itoshima, The moment mushrooms are exposed from the beam of the sun, to the day that its moisture is absorbed till it dries forth,

We always meticulously keep and create the best environment.

Such Itoshima Kinoko Farm, is where an original species of mushroom is proudly born.


"Kikurage" A species of edible fungus that grows on trees, having an ear-like shape and a brown coloration. It's commonly known as black wood ear, ear fungus and tree ear.

It often appears in Asian cuisine and is widely loved for its refreshing texture and mellow taste, making it ideal for soups, stir-fry and salads.


Shiitake is known with its scientific name Lentinula edodes or a black forest mushroom.

This mushroom is native to East Asia and is consumed in many East Asia countries such as Japan, China and Korea.

It is also distributed in the alpine regions of Southeast Asia and New Zealand. It is considered a medicinal mushroom in some forms of traditional medicine.

Cost of Shipment

Free shipment nationwide with the minimum purchase of 9,000 yen (with tax inclusion). *Exclude overseas shipping

For raw products, we deliver through temperature-controlled courier services and for processed-products, we deliver through standard courier service.

In case of purchasing both, we consider to deliver it through temperature-controlled courier service.

​※Shipping fees will be charged separately depending on the delivery area.

Mode of Payment

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You can pay by credit card or at a convenience store.

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Shiitake is the completely plant-based source of Vitamin D. It is an essential nutrient that pregnant women, the elderly, and people with weak bones and teeth want to take consciously.


Like other mushrooms, black wood ear mushroom is a low-calorie source of dietary fiber. When comparing the amount of dietary fiber, it is about twice that of bitter gourds and about three times that of lettuceand radish.


Otsumami is Japanese snack which is a kind of snack eaten together with sake in Japan



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